What Happens Now?

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience. Who do you turn to in a time like that?

  • Are there any creditors we need to pay?
  • Is there a will?
  • Do we need to open a probate?
  • How do we determine the assets in the estate?
  • How are the assets going to be distributed?
  • Who is the executor?
  • Are there any taxes due?

These are all legitimate questions that may need to be addressed, and are made more difficult while grieving the loss of a loved one.

Often times, the courts will appoint a personal representative (executor) of an estate. If you are appointed as personal representative, you become responsible for determining whether a will exists, gathering your loved one's assets, creating an inventory, dealing with notices to creditors, paying debts, handling estate taxes and finally distributing your loved one's estate to heirs and beneficiaries. The probate process is complex and unfamiliar for most people.

At Fountain City Law Group, our knowledgeable lawyers can guide you through this difficult time, so you can spend time with your family. We can help you ease the confusion about:

  • Estate administration
  • Probating a Will
  • Probate without a Will
  • Non-probate and probate assets
  • Distributions to beneficiaries
  • Payment of debts and creditors
  • Estate tax

Empowering You When You Have Been Named Personal Representative

Our firm understands the challenges that come with serving as a personal representative. While you are responsible to properly attend to your loved one's final matters, you also deserve to be able to grieve and to have confidence that the estate is being properly handled by someone experienced with the probate process.

Our attorneys know the Tennessee probate courts and how to coordinate all of the necessary elements for an estate to proceed smoothly through probate. We can help ensure that your loved one's estate is properly handled and that it is effectively probated. We work to facilitate the process so that you can focus on what matters most: spending time with your loved ones.

Call Us To Learn How We Can Streamline Probate For Your Family

It is not uncommon for probate to take up to a year to be complete. Families often get impatient with the process and start to blame the personal representative for delays in getting their inheritance. You do not have to handle these difficulties alone. Turn to Fountain City Law Group for representation that can take that weight off your shoulders. To schedule a free initial phone consultation, call our office in Knoxville at 865-888-5642 or complete our online form.